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Licensed Insurance Sales

Health Insurance Open Enrollment
Dominion can handle all of your open enrollment needs for both Medicare and under-65.   This includes licensing, the appointment process, compliance, and enrollments.

Property and Casualty
Dominion can also help with your P&C needs with a focus on Auto and homeowner insurance

Insurance Verification

Insurance verification is critical to the success of a medical supply company. Dominion OS has a team of experts to perform this critical task either by working directly with the insurance company on the phone through their portal or through the use of our partner Change Healthcare.

Dominion is a cost-effective way to reduce costs while increasing the quality of every product that is shipped.

Call Center Services

Inbound Programs
Dominion can handle all of your inbound calling leads with a focus on medical intake, order taking, customer service and retail sales.

Outbound Programs
Dominion OS specializes in healthcare-related qualifications, patient education, patient pay responsibility, recur, customer surveys and general retail sales.

Prior Authorizations

With the changes in healthcare rules and regulations, more and more companies are requiring pre-authorizations. Dominion can assist in this process by creating a work flow that will be seamless with your current operations and transfer required documents and approvals into and out of your internal systems.

Document Acquisition and Management

Dominion Outsourcing specializes in prescription and medical record acquisition for the medical industry. With our highly-tested process powered by DCRM, we are able to guarantee industry-leading success rates. Customized dashboards and data allow unparalleled visibility into your document acquisition process. Our highly-trained staff ensures the highest level of compliance while still maintaining results.

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