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Industry-Leading Outsourced Services Provider

Dominion Outsourcing is an industry-leading outsource provider specializing in the medical and contact center industry.  At Dominion Outsourcing, our goal is to provide first-in-class service so that we exceed our clients' expectations.  

Your Business, Your Way

Companies need ways to run and grow their businesses more efficiently. They want this done in a way that best serves them and is tailored to their needs.  After all, the client knows their business needs better than anyone. Outsourcing specific areas of your operation may be the solution, but choosing to work with Dominion will allow you to be part of the process. Unlike other vendors that require you to work within their process, Dominion will tailor a solution that will specifically meet your needs.


We specialize in a host of healthcare-related business operations. Our range of services and expertise has served the healthcare, DME and telecommunications industry for many years. With success rates that are superior to industry averages in all key category metrics, you can be assured that Dominion can help your profits increase.

  • Our network and operational platforms are designed to allow us to be as flexible as our clients require

  • We look at flexibility as one of the most important features that we can provide our clients

  • Dominion is compliant and adheres to all healthcare regulatory guidelines

  • Dominion Operations are centrally located in Richmond, Virginia,USA.

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